Epica Leather has been known for their specialization in wholesale and their expert in retailing through Turkey and many more countries around the world. As the Epica Leather Family, we are delighted to work with new partners and embrace them in our family.

  If you also want to be a part of our family and get in contact with us with a wholesale goal in mind, you can get touch with us down below by filling out so that we can provide you with a username and password.

White Label

With 27 years of hard work, we have achieved greatness through our passion for work and fashion By staying serious and honest in our business, we specialised in wholesale and created options for our customers. As an additional option, if the customer wants to put his brand on our products, we obtain non-branded products or place the award brand on the products. Also, special deals for big chains from 10 stores. For more information, please contact info@epicaleather.com.


Order Process

(Excel indicative picture)

1-) If you would like to order, first, you need to download the excel file below by clicking on the symbol. 

(Download symbol for the excel file)

(SKU code indicative picture)

2-) For filling the excel file, you will need to use SKU codes, in our store the products have SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) code as indicated on the picture above with the red rectangle. 

(Excel order example)

You can download the example down below for being sure how to fill.


(Download symbol for example the excel file)

3-) While filling it we advise you to look our sizing guide in our P&G section on the menu.  Plus, please do not forget to give additional specification if required for the product for us to know what you exactly want. After, filling it please send the excel file to info@epicaleather.com. At the end, we will return you back with an e-mail informing about the products with more detail and we will propose you a better wholesale price.  For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. Also for more information about us, you can click the button below.