About Us

Fashion Model on Stairs

Epica Leather had always been a company of family, for family, created by love and hard work. We are the result of a personal and independent mindset combined with a business that produces for clients all over the world. Founded in 1993 in Zeytinburnu, our vision is to create a sustainable and timeless fashion brand. Since day one, we have been focused on designing and producing products with the finest quality and luxurious finish. Our hand-made products range from accessories to coats for both men and women, with the commonality that they are all derived from high-grade materials. Epica Leather business ranges from wholesale trading all the way to unique individual pieces. To find out more information about our wholesale capacity, please visit the wholesale section under FAQs or contact us directly.


As well as making special designs for optional brands, we also create unique designs for individuals. When there is a product order, our design team examines the products. Then, with the R&D team, we do our best to obtain products at optimum cost and quality.



We collaborate with only the highest-grade material providers. That’s why when it comes to our fur, leather, and other fabrics, we ensure that they have passed through every test of quality to guarantee the longevity and calibre of our pieces. In short, we don’t settle for mediocre.


Epica Leather has the capacity to produce five-hundred unique pieces daily. Working alongside forty expert sewing staff we conduct four sewing lines at our Zeytinburu factory house. Our production is never static, and we are always keeping up with the most optimal machinery and technology.



Our pieces put your comfort and practicality as its priority, whilst also acknowledging style should not be compromised. Therefore, we seek the most luxurious and unique finishing details to complete the look of our pieces. Every piece is treated carefully without neglecting the most minute features.